Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oh yeah.

Apple can't ever beat this.

Now thats what I'm talkin about!

Need I say anything?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

CAP O Flight

There is absolutely no better way to show you exactly how much snow we got over all our property in one picture than from an airplane, except for a helicopter :) . Here are some shots Josh and I got while we were on our Civil Air Patrol Orientation Flight. The first picture is of our house. The one below is a picture of the Green Mountain Airport, we landed there so Josh and I could switch seats.

The final picture is one Josh took of a ship in the Columbia river. Over all, it was a fun flight, but still not as good as my helicopter flight, even though it was six times as long!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Some Pictures

Here are some pictures i took of the snow fall we had on Wednesday. Unfortunately, my best pictures were deleted by mom to make room for pics of Caleb. :(

Looks like we need a new camera soon... Not very detailed. More to follow.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lots of Water!!!

Thanks to the Pineapple express, straight from the tropics, our creek is an estimated eight and a half feet deep. Here is some video I took, along with the adventure Jonathan had. A low bandwidth version may be available soon.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Last Saturday

Last Saturday, as many of you probably already know, I got to "fly" a helicopter. I say "fly" because I was not in complete control, I was only using the cyclic while the CFI controlled the collective and ruder. The whole flight lasted a grand total of 17 minutes and I got to "fly" for about six of them. After we got out of Delta Airspace, I got a chance at flying straight and level. I was amazed at how little you need to move the cyclic to get a size able response. I made a left turn over the Columbia River and gave the controls back to the CFI so he could demonstrate a autorotation. We started the autorotation at about 1,000 ft, he cut throttle and lowered the collective and we began the decent. At about 50 ft AGL (above ground level) he did a power recovery and we flew back to the airport. If I ever get around to it, my parents videoed the take off and landing so I may post a link to it in the near future.

Other things going on currently: our family is fighting the flu and they canceled tomorrows Gileskirk class (Yay!). I am also working on finishing two websites and starting two others. I am hoping to make a blog about helicopters and related information and (I know, I am bad) it will have adds on it. The whole reason for the site is to make traffic and the traffic will be clicking on the adds with information related to helicopter stuff and thereby generating income to fund my college degree, in helicopters of course.

I know this stuff is probably boring to all you guys (and gals, if they even ever bother to read my blog) but I find it really cool. So, until next post(however long it may be) have fun!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

More snow!

When I woke up this morning there was snow on the ground! It was only a few cm, but it was still snow. Over the day the snow has been piling up and now we have about a half inch. I hope that it will keep snowing for the rest of the day so we can sled down our grandparents hill:) Here are some low quality pictures I took.

Happy snow:)